Blog Beast Redemption Launch is LIVE!!!!! Best Blog Beast Bonus Here

Most likely you’ve heard the buzz about the
new revolutionary blogging platform from
Empower Network that’s launching today at
3:00PM EST…

It seems the entire internet is talking about it… LOL

Here’s What You May Not Know…

(and why you shouldn’t buy it…. just yet)

See, I’ve been using Empower Network’s
products for a while…

And I can honestly look anybody in the eye and
say that their products are better than 99% of
everything that’s out there in our space.

I've personally had multiple $1600 Days online
since learning this stuff..

AND I’m on the BEST team hands down – Big
Idea Mastermind.

The education has certainly helped me take
my business to yet another level…

And so because of that, I’ve been promoting
Empower Network’s products and our entire
team is having phenomenal success.

In fact, my mentor, Vick Strizheus their #1 income
earner ALL TIME, earned almost $3-Million in the
last 9 months.

(of course, these results are not typical or average.)

But what’s even cooler is that OUR TEAM members
are having great success too!

(BTW, our team is called Big Idea Mastermind. )

Just in the last 9 months alone, our team grew to
over 19,000 members!

Biggest team in Empower Network with the most
success stories.

We have newbies who started with us just 9 months
ago and already earned over $100,000, $200,000…

One guy who was struggling for over 7 years before,
earned almost $400,000 in the last 9 months with us.

Tons of people who were never able to earn money
online are now pulling in $5,000, $15,000, $30,000
or more per month incomes.

(Disclaimer: these results are not typical. Heck,
our people are not “typical”!

So it’s been a lot of fun to say the least.

Anyway – back to the subject matter….

So today at 3:00PM EST Empower Network is releasing
a brand new blogging platform known as “EVN2″ or
“BlogBeast” ..

I personally got early access to it and it FLOORED me
with how awesome this thing is.

Let me just put it this way for you…

Forget wordpress, forget all those other blogging platforms…

This literally blows everything out of the water.

I know these are big statements, but I will show you why
a bit later… (keep an eye on your inbox!)

If you ever wanted to build a solid business and start earning
serious money quickly – this is definitely IT.

I’m not kidding.

Again, we will show you why and how shortly.

But DO NOT Buy The ‘BlogBeast’ Today… (Unless….) 

At 3:00PM EST you will probably get 8million emails from
everybody telling you to buy the BlogBeast…

And of course, you can buy it from anybody you want…

But I just wanted to give you heads up and let you know
that we’re doing things a bit differently here on our team…

(of course, we’re going to be promoting it as well)  

So Here’s The Deal:

Anybody who buys the BlogBeast through Big Idea Mastermind
exclusively will also get complementary training and other cool
stuff from directly from Vick Stizheus himself.

Let me explain…

Next week we will be doing a members-only training on how to use
the new BlogBeast platform to earn at least $5,000 in your first
30 days.
(even if you’re a total newbie)

In order for that to happen, you’ll need 4 things:

a). Your blog

b). Traffic

c). Something to sell

d). An automated way of selling it without really “selling”


You, me and my mentor Vick are going to get on the live training
and together we’re going to set up your very own “cash machine”
and activate it.

When we do that, you should start seeing commissions
rolling in almost right away.

Plain and simple.

I’m going to work with you and make sure that happens.

Can’t go into too many details here just yet…

Here’s What You Need To Do: (if you want to, of course)

Step 1: At 3:00PM EST Today – grab your new “EVN2” Blog
from Empower Network by going here:

(plus I have a special $2,000 bonus package I designed my
self for you - over 16 bonuses that your gonna love:)

Step 2: Make sure that your “sponsor” or “referring affiliate”
is Steve Howell II or stevehowell. (that's me!)

Step 3: After you’ve done that, in about 2-3 hours you will
get an email from “Big Idea Mastermind” with your
login instruction to our team backoffice and all
the cool stuff.


NOTE: In order for you to get this, you must purchase the
BlogBeast today from either myself or someone who’s
on Big Idea Mastermind team.

And lastly…. I don’t know how many people Vick is going
to allow into this class next week yet… We only have 1,500
seats in the webinar room, and I’m pretty sure that by
tomorrow we’ll have at least 1,500 people who will purchase
the blog beast….

The BEST thing you can do is be ready at 3:00PM EST today
and grab your new blog platform as soon as it goes live here:

It will be first come, first served type deal..

If you want to be in the first group (highly recommended),
you will need to get the BlogBeast today.

Again, you can do that at 3:00PM EST Today by going here:

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you
in the class. Most importantly, helping you get your first $5,000!


Ps. I'm sure there will probably be other people trying to "copy" what I'm doing Just know that in order to get into our class next week, you'll need to purchase the BlogBeast from me:) (username/affiliate id: stevehowell)

At 3:00PM EST Today - CLICK HERE:
(heck you can head there now, and have the page open for the next hour, I actually recommend that. Then just click refresh at 3pm).

Welcome to the Family...

Step into Your Future right now..

I appreciate you.

I believe in You.

Let's rock!

-Steve Howell

Blog Beast Video 1 is Live


Watch Blog Beast Video 1 Here

I am blogging from my phone. You gotta get in if you don't already have access to this amazing piece of technology! I know that I will be able to help 100 more people this year make at least $10k per month from their cell phone!

Watch video 1 here:

Love you guys Steve

The Blog Beast Has Arrived!


Wow! This new system is amazing. Just downloaded the app on my phone as well. I am extremely grateful and excited. Things are about to go through the roof in my business and in your business! 

It will be so easy now to shoot a ton of videos. I am excited to help my team grow. Shout out to my team! 

What do you guys think of the Blog Beast?

Is this sweetness or what?!

Absolute Best Blog Beast Bonus | Empower Env2 Bonus

My clear cut goal here is to put together what I believe is the best bonus package on the internet for the up and coming product being launched by Empower Network on October 11th, 2013 called: ”The Blog Beast” or “Empower Network 2.0” or “Empower Network ENv2“.

Blog Beast Redemption

I designed this bonus section with YOU in mind and to compliment very well with everything you are receiving with Empower Network. I really believe that you will be blown away.

(Side-note: If you don’t see the immense value that you are already getting with the Blog Beast, then I am not sure these bonuses will do much for you. Likely the real work is needed in developing the proper mindset.  However, for those of you who get how big of a deal Blog Beast is, and how much extra value it adds to developing your online presence, then I think you will find these bonuses to be that extra wow, that makes this decision an absolute no-brainer for you!)

What is the Blog Beast Env2

make money from blogging

If you came to this page and are not sure what exactly Empower Network Blog Beast is all about, you can see my honest review below:

==> Empower Network Blog Beast Review <==

Live Demo of ENV2 “The Blog Beast”

==> Env2 Blog Beast Demo <==

Empower Network 2 Blog Beast Bonus Video by Steve Howell:

The above video is for those of you who are more visual and want to know that I am a real and honest person who is really bringing something of value to the table. I put together this Bonus Package Video that basically explains in detail not only my story, information about blog beast, but also details each one of the 16 killer bonuses.   I recommend watching this video to really understand the value of the bonuses seen below.

Very Important: Pay Attention Here

Take these next few minutes very seriously as you read below and decided whether or not this is a good fit for you! This is top notch stuff and I am confident it will help you tremendously if you let it.

My high recommendation is to purchase Blog Beast early, as in right now.
Because what is going to happen is with so many thousands and thousands of people
rushing to buy this new blogging platform. Empower has told it’s affiliates that right around launch time on October 11th, 2013 they are going to shutdown the cart and NO ONE will be able to buy for an extended period of time. They want it to be a mystery.

This will build momentum. Because everyone wants what they don’t have!

I tell you this, because I have seen this blogging platform in action, and it is not only something that everyone wants, but business owners who want to remain competitive and build their online presence need this platform.

To avoid possibly being locked out for an extended time…

The best thing you can do is review this entire bonus package, claim these 16 amazing bonuses by purchasing the Blog beast right now!

You can get Early Access now by click the button below:


buy empower env2


You receive full access to the viral blogging system 1.0 right now and all of the incredible training, plus the bonuses below and then will be automatically grandfathered into the new system and have full access to it when it launches on October 11th!

This is your chance to get ahead of the curve now! I strongly recommend you act now, get everything up and running, and give yourself a head start on everyone else.

Trust me here friend….You want to be ahead of the curve on this one!!!

I appreciate you very much and I believe in you.

Remember this quote:

“We are paid in direct proportion to the value we bring the market place.”

All that is required to claim this amazing bonus package blog is to purchase the “Blog Beast” right here for $25 ==> Get Early Access to Blog Beast Now <===

I will be notified right away via email and send you these amazing bonuses below to you within 24 hours.

Empower Network 2.0 Blog Beast Env2 Bonus

Let’s Dive In!!

My advice is to pick one or two to go through at a time. You want to avoid overwhelm at all costs. These bonuses are a contemplation of some of the very best material I have received from the most successful of my mentors over the years.

I recommend treating these bonuses as pure gold!

Go through them one at a time with focus like your life depended on it, and just believe that you are receiving some of the top information anywhere online about what it takes to be extremely successful as a marketer.

I am confident these bonuses will help as a launch pad to your success.

Bonus #1 Steve Howell’s Blog Beast Fast Start – Warrior Guide (Priceless)

I designed this 8 page Fast Start guide to keep things ABC simple when you first start. You NEED this!

Bonus #2 Private Coaching with Steve Howell (Yours Truly) aka Warrior Training (Priceless)

You will receive an 1 hour and 12 minute YouTube private coaching video I designed specifically for you. This video is me personally walking you through the setup phase, the back office, what to do, what not to do, and then I even get into some traffic nuggets right from the get-go!

This will be very important to watch and will absolutely separate you from the pack.
I want to help my team rise to the top!

My goal is to go above and beyond and make this setup process as streamed-lined as possible, with simple ABC steps, so you can get to advertising and promoting your business.

Bonus # 3  ARM 2.0 (Valued at $197)

AutoResponder Madness Version 2.0

AutoResponder Madness 2.0 by IM legend Andre Chaperon is a top of the line email copy-writing course the teaches you exactly how to communicate with your list on a very high level.

It shows you how to give your list value and even monetize a very small list.

ALL of the internet marketing greats and guru have been through this 237 page course. All of them. It currently sells for $197 on the internet. Anyone who purchases the basic $25 Blog Beast mobile blogging platform through my link will receive a free copy of this.

Bonus # 4 Occupy YouTube ($47 Course)


  • Learn the Secrets on how to get your Youtube videos ranked fast
  • How to bump your Video’s to First Page on Google (free traffic)
  • Google owns You-tube – this is a must have skill to rank and earn more money online
  • The Same trick I used to get my video thousands of views organically …FAST
  • How To Share Your Videos to the top 30 sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc with a click of a button.
  • How to Sky-rocket your affiliate commissions overnight with no extra work
  • And much More….

Bonus # 5 Craigslist Secrets ($47 Course)


  • This course is Private and No longer even Open to the public. You get it Free.
  • Learn how I generate thousands of visitors to my site in less than 30 days.
  • Secret to How I sponsor tons of people into my BIM business all from Craigslist  Marketing for FREE
  • The 2 proven Image Ads that have brought me as much as 100 fresh new leads from one single ad.
  • My Secret sauce to get over 20 new opt-ins daily for your business
  • How to Get around Ghosting Issues with Craigslist
  • The two best places to post and when to attract the most visitors to your sites.
  • And Much More…

Bonus #6 Miracle Morning Shake Recipe (Priceless)

Oh what the heck I will just give this one to you now!

How would you like to drink a delicious homemade
shake every morning that would keep you from getting
sick … ever?  It would also give you unlimited energy,
help you lose weight, and think clearer during the day.

I literally have not had so much as a cold for 3 years.

My mentor shared this with me a while back.  And now
I’m sharing it with you.

Here it is …

- 10 oz Almond Milk
– 1 cup organic blueberries
– 1 scoop Green Vibrance
– 1 scoop Life Basics plant protein (NOT whey)
– a couple ice cubes if ya want
– 1 tablespoon 3-6-9 Omega
– One shot of Patron Tequila (kidding)

I have drank this every day without fail for the past 3
years.  And I will drink it till I die.  It is THE MOST
healthy thing you could ever put in your body.  Period.

Best Part —>  All this results in you making more

Bonus #7 The Richest Man in Babylon PDF ($10 or Priceless depending on what you do with it)


The Richest Man in Babylon is a book by George Samuel Clason
which dispenses financial advice through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon.

Through their experiences in business and managing household finance,
the characters in the parables learn simple lessons in financial wisdom.

Bonus #8 Niche Ad Generator For Craigslist & Backpage  ($97 Value)

Amazing tool to help you create ultra quick and effective classified ads. You just put in your website and it spits out an amazing ad for your business. Very cool stuff. There are training videos inside the login area of exactly how to use it.

Bonus #9 The Magnetic Presentation  Blueprint (Valued at over $10,000)


This is a very special blueprint. I received this personally from my own 
internet marketing mentor Vick Strizheus who is the online traffic king.

This one blueprint has resulted in over $500,000 of business
for him in the last 12 month alone.

Vick attended a special marketing seminar and 
paid over $10,000 for this exact blueprint.

He gave it to me personally as a special gift.
I promise you this is a game changer!

He allowed me to give it out to my own personal members of Empower Network.

So since you are joining me with Blog Beast & EN,  this is yours for FREE!

I encourage you to study this slowly and frequently over the coming weeks and months.

It may not make sense to you now, but as you grow as a marketer, you will see the simplicity, the power, and the magic in this blueprint.

Bonus #10 Think and Grow Rich PDF ($10 or Priceless depending on what you do with it)

This book has helped transformed so many lives over the years. 
It’s a classic and now it’s yours! 

Bonus #11 Secrets of the Millionaire Mind PDF ($10 or Priceless depending on what you do with it)

#1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle?

Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, work habits, contacts, luck, or their choice of jobs, businesses, or investments?

Bonus #12 Pyscho-Cybernetics PDF ($10 or Priceless depending on what you do with it)

My millionaire mentor Vick Strizheus recommended this book along with the other few books above as absolute must reads when beginning Empower Network and your online
marketing career.

So feel free to purchase your own paperback copy, but just so you at least have the online version, here you go!

Bonus #13  527 Top Performer Email Subject Lines (Priceless)
The number 1 earner in Big Idea Mastermind, Paulo Barosso, is one of my mentors
and he sent me this for being a diamond member underneath him.

One of the biggest issues we face as marketers is to get people to open our
emails.  Surprisingly, the industry average is less than 10% of people will
open your emails. Which in turn means over 90% of people will not
see your email.

So one important skill to develop is getting more people to click on your
emails. And you do that through intriguing and strategic email headlines.

This document is a fantastic resource of some of the best email subject lines
in our niche. There are actually 527 subject lines from some of the best
marketers on this pdf. I am not sure how much this went for
on the open market, but an invaluable resource to reference often.

Bonus #14  Daily Free Marketing Plan – For those of you who are doing this part-time (Priceless)

I have outlined my game plan to get to $30,000 per month by December 31st, 2013. If it all doesn’t make sense just yet, don’t worry it will. Just dive into all the training.

And if your not at least platinum. Please upgrade. You need the 30 days to $10k program. You just flat out need it to see huge success online. It is the best daily training I have ever seen. Literally.

Just login to your empower back office and buy up to the $1,000 product. It is worth it I promise you.

And really, if you can afford to go all in (buy all the products) you definitely need to. There is so much more incredible value given at that level, plus then you are positioned to earn $4,622 per sale. (Which is where the real money is at!)

Bonus #15  My Daily Action Plan – For those of you who are doing this full-time (Priceless)

This is exactly what I do in my business step by step. This is what I was coached to do in order to make $30,000 per month. This is an excel document broken down to an hour by hour basis of what I actually do all day in my business to achieve results.

This is not theory. This is what actually works!

Bonus #16  Secret Web Assets Report  (Priceless)
9 Action Steps To #1 Rankings In 2013, With Case Studies!

This document is very powerful. This is SEO made easy. For those
of you who are interested in ranking your blog posts #1 of Google.

This is a must read guide. Yours free!

Blog Beast Bonus Section Wrap Up and Helpful Hints


1) Purchase the Blog Beast Here or Below or any of the links on this page 

2) Go through the Fast Start Guide I created for you to streamline things 

3) Watch the Private Coaching Video that I created to help you get going

4) Be sure to be on every Monday night call that you can be: So Powerful!! 

Here are the details for your reference:


  • Every Monday Night, 9pm est
  • Dial in here:
  • Phone: (209)255-1040 – No Access Code Needed
  • Replay Line: (209)255-1049 – Access Code: 498575

Blog Beast Bonus Checkout

I have gotten great feedback so far from these bonuses and a ton of people have been purchasing the blog beast from this bonus package and thanking me for these bonuses.

I say that not to brag, but to let you know that I believe you have came across something great here, and wanted to take just a moment to express to you the real value you will receive here today.

So there you have.  All of the above is yours completely FREE as an extra no-brainer incentive to purchase the $25 Blog Beast platform today.

All you need to do is click any of the purchase links on this page or this big button below:

buy empower env2


I will be instantly notified via email. You will receive your bonuses within 24 hours directly from me.

I will also send you a personal email and we can discuss your goals with this business and come up with a game plan to achieve them quickly that is specific to you.

I truly appreciate your business.

My hope is that you found this post incredible helpful.

Now is the time to lock in, make a decision, and truly believe and truly see
some results in your life and business.

I don’t care what you’ve been through, your past, your circumstances,
I truly believe we have crossed paths for a reason.

And I truly believe NOW is a defining moment in your life. Let’s lock
arms, and take that step to the next level.




Believe this will work for YOU and never ever stop until it does!

Let’s ROCK!

All the Best,

Steve Howell blog beast

Did you Gain Value From This Blog Post? If so, I would greatly
appreciate a comment below and a click on the Facebook Like Button!

~Steve Howell~

Facebook: SteveHowell

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“I believe there is an Inner Warrior inside of You and It’s Time to LET IT OUT!”


If you have been looking for a way to create true freedom
in your life… and escape from the 9-5 grind and are willing
to take daily action on your hopes & dreams….
I can help you with that…
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Empower Network 'Blog Beast' [Env2]


Empower Network ‘Blog Beast’ Env2

blog beast empower network

Hey, Steve Howell here!

The upcoming weeks are going to be HUGE.

Because in a few short weeks the “Blog Beast
will be unleashed onto the world and blogging
and marketing will never be the same again.

It’s time to get ready and prepare.

Something VERY BIG is coming.

With over a year of development, dozens of
some of the smartest people working around
the clock, and millions of dollars invested -
the “Blog Beast” is expected to take the Internet by storm.

Right now, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Get ready – spread the word – and prepare for a
tidal wave to hit.If you’re an affiliate of Empower
Network you have the opportunity to take part in
what will be the largest product launch of it’s
kind in history, and if you’re current customer,
prepare for a blogging experience unlike anything
else that exists.

It’s time to turn your Beast Mode: “ON”

mobile blogging


What if you could shoot a video on your smartphone
and instantly turn it into a blog post….

…without having to upload it to Youtube, without
having to fight with WordPress and without ever
having to login to your computer?

You’re about to. Mobile blogging that lets you build
your business from your mobile phone…
from anywhere in the world!

And the company that’s going to bring it to you: Empower Network.

empower network 2 viral blogging platform

Get early access to the new platform by joining here:
–> Early Access to the Beast Here <–

Empower Hour Call – Beast Mode Style

Tonight, as always on Monday nights – we’re doing
the live ‘Empower Hour’ call at 9pm EST.

Dave Sharpe be hosting the call and talking about
how to get “grandfathered” into the new

….and if you want to work with us personally…..

…how to prepare and plug in to participate
with us in the largest product launch of it’s
kind in history.

It’s time to turn YOUR Beast Mode: “ON”

Here’s the number to call in tonight at 9pm EST

Listener line: (209) 255-1040
No access code needed

I’ll see you on :-)

Steve Howell Big Idea Mastermind

- Steve Howell
“BeastMode: ON

ps: If you’ve been wanting a reason to work
with our team – this is it.

Over the last 20 months we’ve done some really
big things, helped A LOT of people and put up
some MONSTER numbers.

But all that, as enormous as it has all been….

Will all look ‘small’ in comparison to what’s
coming this month :-)

—> Here’s How You Can Get Started Right Now <—


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